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Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Filed Alleging Flesh Eating Bacteria

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A Utah woman has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a Utah hospital alleging negligence when an infection morphed into a flesh eating disease and led to the amputation of both legs and one arm.

Lisa Speckman was admitted to LDS hospital for the birth of her baby in February 2005. After he child’s birth, necrotizing fascitis ate away at her body.

The tip of her middle finger on her left hand also was amputated, and her reproductive organs, gall bladder and much of her large intestine were removed.

The lawsuit alleges errors began months before her daughter’s birth, as prenatal test results indicating a possible infection were recorded incorrectly or not included in her medical chart. Days after her daughter’s birth, as her blood pressure dropped, her heart rate increased and her abdomen began swelling, Speckman still was given a sleep aid rather than the diagnostic tests and antibiotics she needed, the lawsuit contends.

Speckman was employed at the hospital as a registered nurse at the time of her child’s birth.